Lesley Rawlinson


Lesley became a fully-fledged author in 2017. Having worked as a teacher for many years, she has always relished the opportunity to share or create stories with children of all ages. Many of her stories reflect her love of the natural world and her desire to share this with her young readers.
Lesley is now preparing her collection of Christmas stories for publication later this year.
‘Christmas Tales from the Woodpecker Tree’ is coming soon!



JoJo's Star

Jojo knew everyone was going to be sad when he was gone so he decided to try to find a way to make them remember him with a smile.  This little book, beautifully illustrated by Alan Jones, tells the story of how he did just that, and hopefully it will help young children to deal with the sadness of losing their own pets. Look up to the stars and smile. They’ll be watching…

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