The Weatherman Mystery

What could possibly connect the theft of a priceless pearl necklace and a disappearing umbrella?


A Word From Lesley

Having worked as a teacher for many years, Lesley has always relished the opportunity to share or create stories with children of all ages. After leaving the profession in 2013, she concentrated on realising her dream of being a writer, and in 2017 published her first book, ‘Tales from the Woodpecker Tree.’

This was to be the first of three compilations of short stories under the Woodpecker Tree banner, and by 2021 she had also published two picture books, ‘Jojo’s Star’ and ‘Monty’s Blackbird.’

Her ambition however, was to write a novel for older children. In 2020 she published ‘De Morville’s Sword,’ a mystery with a sprinkling of ghosts and long-lost treasure, set in the Cumbrian countryside.

This was followed in 2022 by ‘Osprey Girl,’ an adventure set in the Scottish Highlands, again for 9 – 12 year olds.

‘The Weatherman Mystery’ was published in May 2024, and will hopefully be the first in a series featuring The Springtime Detective Agency.