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Lesley is an multi-genre author

My Story

I can honestly say that I’ve been writing stories for as long as I can remember. When I was a very young girl, my father, from whom I inherited a love of words and storytelling, would make up stories about a little girl living on the riverbank with the woodland creatures. I still remember him saying, in later years, “I wish I’d written those stories down.” That is why I was so determined to publish my stories, and The Woodpecker Tree series was the result.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a village surrounded by woods and fields, with a castle on a hill and an ancient priory close by. I also spent a lot of time at my grandmother’s home in a Cumbrian village. It was here where I found the inspiration for my first novel, ‘De Morville’s Sword’ and when that was published in 2020, I had realised my ambition to write a book for older children.

Appetite now well and truly whetted, I began writing ‘Osprey Girl’ which came out in 2022. I am often inspired by places I love and the Scottish Highlands, with its magnificent wildlife, is the backdrop for this story.

‘The Weatherman Mystery’ was inspired by time spent in the historic city of Cambridge. I loved the idea of a group of children forming their own detective agency and solving mysteries in such famous surroundings. The challenge now, is to keep this series going. I’ve grown attached to April, Maisie and Zac, so it could be fun.

The future? Well, I will always be writing. Whether it’s continuing the saga of the Springtime Detective Agency or working on other projects – I have a few in mind – I’ll be busy.
I may be ‘retired’ but I’ve discovered that those who love writing, never stop!

Lesley Rawlinson