Christmas Tales from the Woodpecker Tree

Christmas Tales from the Woodpecker Tree

Christmas Tales from the Woodpecker Tree is a compilation of seven stories all about the festive season. Some old favourites return from the first collection, ‘Tales from the Woodpecker Tree’, such as Chester the cheeky tiger and Wilberforce the baby woodpecker. The stories are suitable for reading with children aged 4 and above, while older children will enjoy reading it independently.

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About the Book

About the Book

Snow is falling and the Woodpecker Tree seems to be dreaming under its glistening white cloak: But wait..! Tumbling down from among the branches come stories to bring Christmas joy to everyone. From a little boy who believes he lives next door to Father Christmas, to tales of fairies, owls and woodland magic. Even Chester the toy tiger might find that dreams can finally come true. Snuggle up and let the Christmas magic begin!

Story Synopses

Chester and the Christmas lights.

Chester the toy tiger and his friend Alice are very excited when they hear that a Very Famous Pop Star is coming to switch on the Christmas lights. Off they go into town to join in the fun. Will Chester finally get a chance to be a rock star? Will they see the Christmas lights? What could possibly go wrong?…

The Christmas Fox

The fox was very lonely and expecting to spend Christmas Eve hidden away all alone, under the

old shed. Everything changes though, after a very unexpected encounter with a small, prickly friend. Together they set off on a journey, following a bright star in the sky. They have a few surprises on the way and a special Christmas treat awaits them at the end!

Charlie’s Christmas Owl

Charlie has always wanted an owl. He has written to Father Christmas to ask if he can help, and as the snow swirls round Charlie’s house on Christmas Eve, he sees something magical outside his window. Has his dream come true? Who is the mysterious person Charlie comes to the rescue of in a snowdrift? And will Dad get home in time for Christmas?

The Goose-feather Christmas Tree

There is no Christmas tree more beautiful than Mr. Jim’s goose -feather tree which stands proudly in the window of his little crooked house. Yet where did the magical decorations come from? Who was the shepherd boy who cared for the injured animals and birds all those years ago? And what special magic can Mr Jim find to put the finishing touch to his little tree?

Is It True?

‘Is it True?’ sees the return of little Wilberforce Woodpecker, but this time he’s got lots of questions about Christmas. Is it true that people bring trees indoors? Or someone flies through the sky to give out presents? But when he asks the biggest question of all, it’s up to the birds and animals on Colin’s farm to show him the real meaning of Christmas…

A Christmas Fairy Tale

Tucked away in a box of decorations, in the cold, draughty loft, two bad-tempered fairies bicker and fight over who will be at the top of the tree this year. The old rocking horse watches sadly as he knows he will be left alone in the loft at Christmas. But a very surprising visitor changes everything and Christmas Eve promises to be very eventful indeed!

A Special Christmas Friend

Ronnie is sure the old man living next door is Father Christmas. But with Christmas fast approaching, all is not well. Is Father Christmas hurt? How can Ronnie help him when no one believes him? Except for Granny Beth. There is just a chance that she and Ronnie will make sure they all have a Christmas to remember.

Series: Woodpecker Tree Tales, Book 2
Genre: Children's Books
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Paperback
Length: 68
Illustrator: Carole Chevalier
ASIN: 1999991915
ISBN: 9781999991913
List Price: £8.99
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