Tales from the Woodpecker Tree

Tales from the Woodpecker Tree

Tales from the Woodpecker Tree is a compilation of short stories, aimed at children within the age range of 3 -10. A wide range, but they are stories which can be read to younger children, or enjoyed independently by older readers.

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About the Book

Imagine climbing an old tree, hidden away down an overgrown track, then sitting with your back to the tree trunk to read a book or just watch the world go by. Down below a stream chuckles quietly, a duck bobs by, while a cat prowls through the grass.  A child walks past, dragging her teddy along by its ear.  Frogs cough politely in the reeds and birds of all kinds flit around, wondering who has joined them in their tree. The Woodpecker peeps cheekily round the side of the tree, then flies away, chattering crossly as he goes. Ideas for stories creep into your head and you just have to write them down…


Story synopses

A Duck for Dinner.

Mrs Duck is snoozing under the trees on a hot summer’s afternoon. But, lurking in the shadows, Jo-jo the cat is waiting and ready to pounce. Will Mrs Duck escape and get safely back to the pond?

Or, will Jo-jo have this tasty duck for his dinner?

Norsworthy needs a Wash.

Norsworthy, the garden gnome, is extremely grubby. Now that Spring has arrived, the garden is alive with very busy birds, and this creates a very smelly problem for poor Norsworthy. Until, Mum and Maisie come to the rescue.

Rock Star Tiger.

Chester, the lovable toy tiger, is fed up of just being Alice’s favourite cuddly friend. This is a tiger with ambition, who decides to run away and become famous. Unfortunately, things don’t quite go according to plan and Chester learns that being a rock star can lead to some very soggy and sticky situations!

Koji’s Smile.

Koji is the little Japanese boy who never smiles. When the Wise Woman tells him to visit the Great Mountain Temple to see the Guardian of the Box, he sets off alone, up the mountain, to find the mysterious Box of Happiness.

On the way Koji makes some very special and surprising friends, from bear cubs to frogs. And when he reaches the top of the mountain, there is one more surprise waiting for him.

Ozzie’s Tale.

Ozzie the cat has been left alone and unwanted, with nowhere to live. Just when he thinks he is going to be out in the cold for another long, winter’s night, help arrives from a very unexpected quarter and Ozzie sets off on a journey to find a very special new home.

Wilberforce Learns a Lesson

In Colin’s farmhouse garden bees hum, birds sing and the two peacocks Cuthbert and Clarence, strut around enjoying the sunshine.

Suddenly the peace is shattered by the arrival of greedy little Wilberforce Woodpecker. The birds decide they need to teach him a lesson. So they turn to some very scary neighbours for help…

Elizabeth’s Eyes.

Did you know that children born on Midsummer’s Day can see fairies?

Elizabeth had never seen a fairy. In fact, this selfish little girl never saw very much at all. Until one special Midsummer’s Day, when fairy magic taught her a very important lesson about the beautiful world around her.

Series: Woodpecker Tree Tales, Book 1
Genre: Children's Books
Publication Year: 2017
Format: Paperback
Length: 66
ASIN: 1975602102
ISBN: 9781975602109

List Price: £8.99
Tales for the Woodpecker Tree is one of those special books that can be used to read to children or allow older readers to read themselves. There are seven tales, each one different in tone and length. It's difficult to choose a favourite, but Elizabeth's Eyes is particularly clever. Beautifully written it is allegorical encouraging children to look at the world around them. As the title of the book suggests, several of the stories introduce children to different elements of the natural world. Well written text coupled with delightful illustrations by Carole Chevalier will entrance many children. An ideal gift for whiling away winter evenings.
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