I have always had a fondness for cats. From the family cat, Buttons, who ruled us all for sixteen years as I was growing up, to the three treasures who have agreed to let us live with them today, life has been punctuated with cat-related sagas.

It doesn’t take long to bring to mind the authors whose lives have been similarly affected. Beatrix Potter’s Tom Kitten and Judith Kerr’s Mog, are many people’s favourites of course. We have all, without doubt, had a Mog moment with our own cats.

So, I wonder, could I be inspired to write a children’s story about my own cats?

Well, there was the time Buttons broke his leg, yet became as agile as ever with three legs and one in plaster. Until he got stuck in a rabbit hole…

Then there was Brandy, who faithfully followed us when we took the dog for a walk, exploring hedgerows, woods and fields, before scampering after us when we called.

Our current crew of reprobates include Tinker, who came to us with a nasty injury at the top of his leg. This took months to heal and during that time he patrolled the house sporting a variety of T shirts bought from a well-known toy emporium, noted for its bears… To this day he walks with a slightly bandy gait as a consequence of the injury; but we aren’t allowed to mention the T shirts!

However, the first tale that comes to mind is about Jo-jo and the duck.The day I found a duck squatting in front of the oven, with a hopeful cat sitting beside it. How did it get there? What happened next? Ah well, I think I should write the story.

“A Duck for Dinner” would be a good title I think…